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25  October 2013
Here are the  essentials to help you get started:
Individual Tech Papers:

      Safety First - 1991
      Selecting a Vehicle for Conversion - 1992
      Do it Right the First Time - 2002
      Evaluating a Vehicle for Conversion - 2007
      Clutchless Design
       Battery Essentials
      Regen Thoughts
      Electric Vehicles - The Only Alternative  - 2004

All Tech Papers in a single download
EV Economics  11-17-10  New.pdf

EV Economics Tech Paper evaluates a Toyota Camry (gasoline) to four EVs:
A PbA EV Conversion, a Lithium Battery Pack Conversion, the Chevrolet Volt, and the Nissan Leaf.  This paper evaluates the life cycle costs of each
Tech Paper - Compares Volt, Leaf, & Conversions
This is great introduction regarding Lead Acid batteries   

Tech Papers - The Basics of EVs
EV Economics  11-17-10  New.pdf

Preventing Motor Failures - As people shift to lithium batteries, motor failures may  increase.   This paper describes four failure modes and what you can do to prevent failures.

Preventing Battery Failures - Batteries are a major expenditure in any EV.  This paper identifies how to maximize the life of lead acid batteries.  Most of
These principles also apply to lithium batteries.

EV Economics  11-17-10  New.pdf EV Economics  11-17-10  New.pdf

1967  Triumph TR4A  Electric  
  Chuck Culver details his conversion to make this classic a real beauty.  A car
   every guy would love to have!

Telluride Regional Airport
  When you take risks, there are often big rewards.  Rich Nuttall  chose to convert
  an old tug used for GSE vs buying new.  His reward was a $46,000 savings.
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