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Initial Trouble Shooting
Ground Faults
Curtis & AllTrax Controllers
DC/DC Converter
DC-DC Converter
Before the systems are checked out, it is recommended that you make 2 copies of the schematic (attached).  Verify that each wire is installed per the schematic; highlight the schematic indicating that you have confirmed that part of the circuit.  The second copy is for a friend to verify each circuit, or for you to verify a second time using a different sequence of review..

You should develop a detailed check out procedure for every system you install.  This includes the following systems:

•  The 12 Volt contactor system
•  The Power System
•  The charging system

The following check out is one used by EVA to verify these three systems before operation; your systems may be different based on a different schematic.  

In order to perform a system check out, you will need a voltmeter.  We recommend a good digital voltmeter because it will allow you to record readings to the tenth or hundredth decimal point.  This is especially critical when checking batteries.  


1.  Disconnect high voltage system (battery pack) by opening the Anderson SB-350 connector or removing a single      battery interconnection.

2.  Connect the 12 Volt auxiliary battery.

3.  Turn on ignition switch and verify that the primary contactor (negative side of the high voltage system) pulls in.

4.  Depress accelerator pedal and verify operation of second contactor (positive side of the high voltage system).

5. Turn on the heater by switching the fan to “high”; verify the operation of the  heater contactor (if applicable).


1.   Connect all batteries.  Be careful, you are now dealing with high voltage.

2.  Verify voltage at contactors terminals (battery side).

3.  Proceed with the checkout in accordance with Section 2.8 Installation Checkout of the Curtis Manual.


1.  Connect all batteries.  Be careful, you are now dealing with high voltage.

2. Verify full voltage at the charging connections.

3. Verify proper polarity.
Installation - Check Out