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November 2009
Siemens Smart Chopper
Wow! Siemens Smart Chopper! 
Orange County Choppers showed the Siemens Smart Chopper on national TV on October 29th.  What a bike!  
The Drive System is 8 inch Advanced DC Motor (203-06-4001A), an ALLTrax AXE-7245 controller, and 6 -12V sealed lead acid batteries. This motor is capable of 144V. The wheelbase is 120 inches.  The frame weighs 75 lbs; total weight is 700 lbs.  The motor and controller were provided directly from the manufacturers. EVA has provided others components to OCC.  
Paul Sr. says the Chopper can travel 60 miles on a charge and is capable of 100 mph!
The Siemens Smart Chopper will tour the country and then be auctioned off in 2010. 
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Texco Truck Fleet
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Texco Electric Truck - New Zealand

Craig Cadieux - Bridgewater, NH

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About 1995, Litteleton Electric in MA did an infrared scan of their Electric Isuzu truck using an infrared video camera.  The tires glowed white as well as a bad battery.  From this we learned that there can be a significant temperature difference between batteries based on their condition. 
If you think you have a bad battery, drive your EV just short of your maximum range.  For example, if your maximum range has decreased to 25 miles, then drive 20 miles and immediately scan the surface of each battery with an infrared thermometer.  The bad battery typically will be 15-20F hotter than the other batteries.  To confirm that this is the bad battery, charge the battery pack.  Then bypass the assumed bad battery and see if the range increases with less voltage.  Be sure to re-connect the battery before recharging.  The Infrared thermometer is available for $50-$100 from Grainger and other industrial suppliers.
Customers continually ask us about Lithium Batteries.  Unless someone is willing to risk $10,000, we encourage patience.  There are two big issues: Performance and Warranty.  
First, performance is changing.  Manufacturer's claims used to be 10,000 cycles; now some have reduced their claims to only 5000 cycles.  Remember that is under laboratory conditions; not real EV conditions.  We recommend that you cut the projected cycle life in half in order to be realistic.  If the manufacturer claims 5000, plan on only 2500 cycles.  Similarly, look at the A-H rating,  the number of minutes at 75 amps, and the maximum continuous current.   If the continuous current is 110 amps; you may need parallel battery packs to achieve the performance you are want.  But remember parallel packs rarely charge evenly. 
Warranty is the next major issue. What does the warranty include?  How many years?  Who will replace the batteries?   Who will evaluate the failed batteries?  How will they be evaluated?
A recent article on GM in Ward's Auto stated  "Li-ion can be made using as many as 25 different chemistries. And each chemistry yields different power and energy properties. Some GM products such as HEVs require more power, while EV applications such as the Volt demand more energy."      http://wardsauto.com/ar/gm_battery_lab_091023/ 
We have been in the EV business for more than 20 years.  We have seen lots of excitement on NiCd and NiMH batteries - that soon disappeared.  We believe Lithium batteries will improve to meet expectations - patience will be rewarded.
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I want to wish everyone a very "Happy Thanksgiving".   I believe it is important to give thanks every day to God.   I know that our family has been blessed.  We have four generations in Wolfeboro from 92 years old to 7 years old.  May God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving!
Bob  Batson
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