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 EV Testimonial
“We lucked into getting our parts from Bob Batson at Electric Vehicles of America. I'm sure there are other places that you could order these parts from because they are pretty standard, but I didn't see them cheaper elsewhere on the internet.

Although I have to admit that I chose EVA because of pricing, MUCH more important than the low prices ended up being the service he provided. Bob definitely doesn't look at his job as just selling parts. He answered countless phone calls with even my stupidest questions as I was going along (I knew NOTHING about electric vehicles). I did try to read the instruction manuals that came with the parts we ordered, but maybe because I had no background in it, I got stuck a lot, and he never seemed to get annoyed with walking me through what I needed to do verbally. I know he works with a lot of school groups, and I generally felt like I needed handholding at a very elementary level, and he seemed happy to provide it.

Maybe I'm going on too long about how great Bob is, but... his service was very important because, unlike with a gasoline engine, you can't just call up any local service technician if you have problem. Things don't go wrong as often with electric systems, and they are generally easier to fix, but... if you DO have a problem you want someone that can be there immediately to walk you through troubleshooting, and he's definitely done that for us (even years after buying the parts).”  ~Ron

EVA is unique! We help you with:

The Engineering.

How much hp do you require? Which voltage? EVA can help you select the EV components that are best for your electric vehicle and application by doing engineering calculations.

The Selection.

EVA will help you select the best components for your EV. We can also help you select the vehicle. At EVA, we sell EV kits specific to your application and vehicle. Just let us know your needs. EVA is one of only four Authorized Advanced DC Motor distributors in the world as well as one of the leading Warp Motors, Curtis PMC and Soliton dealers in the US . We recommend the best components because "you never have to apologize for quality".

Your Questions.

The more you know about EVs, the better you will be able to make the best decisions for yourself. Although we sell complete EV kits with everything from motors to cables and lugs, we want to help you identify your specific needs.

We can provide detailed drawings, motor curves, data sheets, etc. by email or fax. Just let us know the components that you are interested in and your email address or fax number.


EVA Customer - Bolton High School

set a lead acid record of 165 miles

on a single charge.

2  July 2013
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AC Drives

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Customers include:
Harvard University
Commonwealth Electric
Trix Rods & Racers
Penske Racing