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Engineering Calculations

Engineering Calculations are essential if you want to identify the best system for your EV.  The manufacturers can identify the hp, torque and rpm of their motors and the max current of their controllers, but how much is required for your vehicle in your application.  How many amps will be required at 40 mph and how many at 60 mph?  Will the controller meet these requirements not with the peak current but with the 1-hour rating?  Basic questions.

To answer these questions, EVA developed calculations almost 20 years ago to identify the hp, torque, amperage at various speeds and terrain for most any vehicle.  In addition, wit h the battery information, the operating time and the range can be identified.

Here’s some sample calculations:
                                       S-10 Truck  120V  Lead Acid Batteries

                                       BMW 144V   Lead Acid Batteries

                                       Porsche 240V    Lithium Batteries

                                       Motorcycle 72V  Lead Acid Batteries

                                       Sailboat Calculations - 48V Lead acid

Basically, EVA has used these calculations to model EV from an Electric Bicycle to a 150 ton rail vehicle.

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December 2010