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Curtis & ALLTrax Controllers
Curtis & ALLTrax Controllers
Ground Faults
Ground Faults
Initial Trouble Shooting
Initial Trouble Shooting
Installation - CHECK OUT
Installation - CHECK OUT

The Charger has been programmed to match your battery pack voltage and the batteries specified.  To ensure that the charger is working properly and to evaluate the batteries, it is recommended that you perform the following test quarterly.

Step 1 - Take Data during charging

There are three phases in the charging process:

Phase 1 – Bulk Charge
Phase 2 – Absorption
 Phase 3 - Equalization

Take the data at approximately 30 minutes intervals.  Here’s an example:

Time        Indicating Light         Voltage
(hrs)  (R, Y, G)  (Volts) 
2:00PM   Start   142
2:30      R   151
3:00     R   154

7:10   Y   175
7:33   G   179

Step 2 – Evaluate the Voltages

a. Was the voltage increasing during Phase 1- Constant Current?
b. Was the voltage constant during Phase 2 – Yellow light?
c. Was the voltage increasing during Phase 3 – Green light?

Step 3 – Evaluate the Time

The charger is rated at X watts.  If it is a dual voltage charger (115/ 230VAC) charger, the 115VAC is limited to 1600 watts.  That is the power available from the outlet. Battery packs weighing more than 1000 lbs are best charged by the 230VAC; the 115VAC is an opportunity charger.

The Kw-hrs in your battery pack can be calculated based on the 75 minute rating.  For example,  T-125 is rated at 125 minutes at 75 amps.   So a 144V battery pack has:

Battery Power = 75 amps x 144V x 125 min/ (60 min/hr) = 22500 watt-hrs= 22.5 KW-hr

If you have a 3KW-hr charger, then it will take 7+ hrs for the Bulk Phase and an additional 1-3 hrs for the absorption and equalization.
Battery Charger- Quarterly Testing

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