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Curtis & ALLTrax Controllers
Curtis & ALLTrax Controllers
Ground Faults
Ground Faults
Initial Trouble Shooting
Initial Trouble Shooting
Installation - CHECK OUT
Installation - CHECK OUT

Here's a method:
· Charge all batteries
· After one hour record the voltage of each battery, using a digital voltmeter.
· Do close to the maximum range miles
· Quickly take the voltage of each battery with digital voltmeter.
· Compare the voltages - the bad battery should be 1-2 volts lower.
· Charge the batteries again.
· Bypass the bad battery so that it is not in circuit
· Drive again and see if range increases.  This confirms that you have identified the bad battery.
· Put bad battery back in circuit
· Recharge
· Then replace bad battery.

If you have an infrared thermometer, the bad battery will be 15-30F hotter after the first run at maximum range.  This is a nice confirmation.

Battery Testing
1 October 2010