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Why EVA is #1 in Customer Service
The answer is simple.  We care about our customers.  We treat our customers the way we like to be treated.  We try to follow the Golden Rule.  EVA has an Better Business Bureau rating of “A+”;  Unfortunately, some Electric Vehicle businesses are rated at “F”; many have not been in business long enough to be rated.  You can check any business’s rating at the Better Business Bureau.     Protect yourself - buy from a trustworthy company, such as EVA.

EVA provides the following customer service:                          
Before the Sale

·  Answer the phone during 9AM- 5PM (EST)
·  Respond to emails within 1 working day.
·  Willing to answer questions for your application.
·  Can provide detailed engineering calculation for your application.
·  Can provide a detailed system quotation identifying ev parts.
·  Only sells electric vehicle components that we are willing to use.

During the Sale

·  Email the status of your order.
·  Provide EV Installation Manuals with  1 hr DVD showing EV Conversion
             This is FREE with system purchases.
  This Installation Manual  has five Tabs
          Tab 1 - Installation Guidelines
                       Section 0 - Introduction
                       Section 1 - Safety
                       Section 2 - Planning the Conversion
                       Section 3 - Stripping the Vehicle
                       Section 4 - Component Installation
                       Section 5 - System Checkout
                       Section 6 - Operation & Maintenance
                       Section 7 -  Troubleshooting  EV Systems
           Tab 2- Motor Data  including outline dwg, curves, etc.
           Tab 3 - Controller Data including Data Sheet and Manual
           Tab 4 - Auxiliary Component Data Sheets
           Tab 5 - Trojan Battery User’s Guide   

·  Provide UPS tracking numbers and freight Pro#.

After the Sale

·  Answer the phone – true customer service starts after the sale.
·  Assist in any installation questions.
·  Provide troubleshooting as required, if you have a prolem or concern.
·  Provide assistance if there is a warranty issue.

We know that there are times we may fail to meet the above, but we try to do our best.   When EVA was on CNN, we had 1500 catalog requests and emails in one day!  We encourage you to give us a call or email.

EVA - “Customer Service is No. 1”

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“A+”  Rating
Better Business Bureau  
Customers include:
Penn State
US  Airways
Disney Imagineering
Penske Racing
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