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EVA can provide components for many industrial applications, such as transfer carts, rail carts, weight carts, and other battery operated applications.  This may be motors, controllers, contactors, or battery chargers.

In addition,  EVA can provide a complete systems for new applications. Our experience includes designing systems for a light-weight grocery cart to a 150,000 lb rail vehicle. Our calculations identify the hp, amperage, and running time.

Please take a look at our packages, then give us a call at 603-569-2100.   Or simply email

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  We are happy to work with you to give you a free, detailed calculation.

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Canimex Inc.

150 Ton Rail Vehicle
Finkl & Sons

Mining Vehicles
A. L. Lee

SME Industries

Storyland NH


Woodings Industrial
 Some of our Commercial customers:
Electric Drive Advantages

No Pollution
No Noise
Always starts

72V System

48V System

AC Drives  

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Transfer Cart
Pumpkin Coach
Storyland - NH
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