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EVAmerica Spring 2011 Catalog – Our catalog is provided to help you understand the components available that are used in EVs. We can provide detailed engineering drawings, motor curves, and manuals for some of the components upon request.
EV Primer & Sample 144V system – The purpose of this document is to provide general guidelines when assessing how an Electric Vehicle (EV) can be used to meet your specific requirements. Some EVs costing $100,000 can do high speeds (90 mph) and 200 miles. That is not typical. Most people want to spend $4000 - $10,000 and do 20 - 60 miles at 40- 60 mph.
EVA Tech Papers discuss why EVs are essential now, EV Conversion Economics, EV Safety, Selecting a Vehicle, Doing it Right the First Time, Battery Essentials, EVA Clutchless Design, and Regen.  They  will give you confidence as you decide to pursue or not pursue an EV.
Please feel free to view  our publications.  To view these documents, you must have ADOBE Reader, which you may download free at www.adobe.com.
Technical Information
Gary Powers’ “From Gasoline to Electric Power ~A Conversion Experience” with 114 pages and 24 pictures, is available for only $10 with Free Shipping in U.S.A.
Available only thru EVA !
This 2nd Edition was published by McGraw-Hill in 2009.  Seth Leitman requested EVA to furnish many updated tables and information.   

Only $25 with Free
shipping in U.S.A.
Carl Vogel has been a customer for years and his new book “Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle” is excellent! It addresses the details of geometry, frame and design, motors, controllers, batteries, and more. If you ride a motorcycle, or have ever considered owning one – this book is a valuable resource. The book is 350 pages and published by McGraw-Hill. It is in stock at only $25;
free shipping in U.S.A.
Build Your Own Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
by S. Leitman
It is in stock at only $25;
free shipping in U.S.A.
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