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Light-weight trucks (S-10s, Ranger, Tacoma, etc.) make great conversions because they can accommodate the additional weight of batteries and the space required. We are proud to say that in 1991 when others were converting Geo Metros, Ford Escorts, and other small cars, EVA converted one of the first light weight trucks, a Dodge Ram 50, which weighed 200 lbs more, yet had significantly more space for batteries.  Others were amazed and soon copied our concept.

Trucks are not recommended, if you are looking to maintain highway speeds.  The aerodynamics are poor in comparison to a car; and aerodynamic drag become the principal force after about 35 mph.  And aerodynamic drag increases with the square of the velocity.  So the drag at 60 mph is 4X the drag at 30 mph.  The increased drag increases horsepower required and decreases range


Range requires battery weight; approximately 20 lbs of PbA batteries is required to obtain one mile in range.  Typically, it takes 1200 lbs of PbA batteries will provide 50-70 miles in range.

At this time, we do not recommend Lithium Batteries.  See discussion on Lithum under Application – Cars.

EVA’s design uses a tilt bed system for trucks to allow the batteries to be placed under the bed.  This has several advantages:

•  The center of gravity is lowered, so the truck hugs the road

•  The batteries can be safely contained incase of an accident.

•  The bed can be used as it was designed for handling additional loads.

EVA recommends S-10 conversions because the frame rails are further apart.  This allows space for batteries and additional insulation (cold weather operation).  Plus the S-10 uses a channel (open) frame construction, while other vehicles use a box frame.  Box frames typically corrode from the inside out.

Our technical papers “Safety First” and “Selecting a Vehicle for Conversion”  provides more details.  

To help your EV project succeed from the start, EVA provides:


•  Free Calculations based on your requirements.  The calculations will identify the recommended hp, the voltage, current, and range based on a specific battery pack.  

•  Manufacturer's Data (Advanced DC Motors, Curtis Instruments, etc.) to help you understand the technical side of an EV conversion.


•  A detailed System Quotation with each component itemized, so that the true cost is not hidden.  If you do not need a specific component, you can simply delete its cost.   

Once you buy our system, EVA provides:

•  EV Installation Manual.  This is a 1 inch manual identifying how to install each component.

•  EVA "Safety First" Video. A 12 minute video showing how our truck was laid out to address safety issues.  This was based on the “Safety First” technical paper.

•  EVA  S10 Conversion Video.  This is a one hour video showing the  conversion of our S-10.

•  EVA Technical Assistance.  After the sale, we still answer the phone.  We are here to help you complete your EV and to help it run reliably.

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