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At EVA, we ask that you..

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Many EV component suppliers show every possible component on their web site.  Our objective is to stock only the products we believe are best for our EV users.  So we encourage you to compare:

The Advanced DC Motors & NetGain Motors are the Leaders.  The FB1-4001A motor by Advanced DC motors has been the industry standard for 20 years.  Netgain offers the WarP 9, WarP 11, and WarP 11 HV (High Voltage) and other motors.  The WarP is similar to the FB1-4001A; the WarP 11 and WarP 11HV offers increased hp.   Advanced DC Motors provides motor curves for voltages up to 144V.  NetGain Motors is developing their high voltage curves.

Although we are very conservative to protect our customers, we understand that the market is changing to higher voltages and AC Systems.  For this reason, we have added High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems for AC systems and NetGain WarP Drive and Soliton for high voltage DC Systems.  High Performance uses Curtis AC Controllers.   To help you select a controller, here’s how they compare - Controller Comparison Table.

At EVA we are proud of our product offerings.  We have seen too many manufacturers come and go in the EV business - leaving the customer without technical or parts support.  

Compare Our Services

At EVA  “Customer Service is No. 1”.   We provide the customer the information he needs before buying in order to purchase the best components for his application.  EVA also provides a 1 inch Installation Manual and 1 hour DVD to guide the conversion process.  We are also readily available by phone and email, if questions develop.  

In addition, our services continue with you and your EV after the sale.  If you sell your vehicle, we serve the new owner.  Basically, we are here to serve you for now and many years to come.  

Compare Our Prices

Our prices are not only competitive, but they are probably the lowest Package Price you will find.  In our EV Packages, we provide a detailed parts breakdown so you can see individual prices.  A package discount  is provided.  You do not have to buy everything at once; you pay when the parts are shipped.

Our price for shipping is also extremely low.  Our shipping volume allows our shippers to give EVA significant discounts which are passed on to our customers.  

Thank you for comparing.  It will allow you to have the best EV at the lowest price. EV Assistance

Only One company is responsible !

EVA assumes responsibility for system performance. EVA works with the manufacturers of EV parts to ensure an acceptable and cost effective system design for your Electric Vehicle!  (Products Page)

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Compare, Compare, Compare!

We will be happy to help you with your EV Conversion project.

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