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Our objective is to make your car meet your application.  An EV can be designed for range or speed. They are mutually exclusive when you are using lead acid (PbA) batteries.  Range requires battery weight; approximately 15 lbs of PbA batteries is required to obtain one mile in range.  Typically, it takes 800 lbs of PbA batteries to 40 miles in range.

At this time, we do not recommend Lithium Batteries. They are light-weight, but they can be expensive ($20,000).  The major reasons, EVA does not recommend Lithium batteries are because:

• The added expense of Lithium batteries cannot be economically justified.

• There are no major battery companies (Trojan, Deka, Interstate, etc.) that  supply Li batteries.  Most Lithium batteries are from China.

• There is insufficient field data to support the claims.  One lithium pack lasted 18 months.

• Without a reputable supplier we question which company will honor the warranty.

Some customers may be offended by our recommendation against Lithium batteries at this time.  We simply say that after 20 years in the business, we have seen numerous EV Industry companies come and go.  Our recommendation is to protect the EV consumer.  

There are two distinct considerations when converting an automobile.  First, where will you locate the batteries.  Second, to keep the weight under the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)  of the vehicle.  The GVWR is posted on the door jamb of the vehicle.  Our technical papers “Safety First” and “Selecting a Vehicle for Conversion” provides more details.  

To help your EV project succeed from the start, EVA provides:


•  Free Calculations based on your requirements.  The calculations will identify the recommended hp, the voltage, current, and range based on a specific battery pack.  

•  Manufacturer's Data (Advanced DC Motors, Curtis Instruments, etc.) to help you understand the technical side of an EV conversion.


•  A detailed System Quotation with each component itemized, so that the true cost is not hidden.  If you do not need a specific component, you can simply delete its cost.   

Once you buy our system, EVA provides:

•  EV Installation Manual.  This is a 1 inch manual identifying how to install each component.

•  EVA "Safety First" Video. A 12 minute video showing how our truck was laid out to address safety issues.  This was based on the “Safety First” technical paper.

•  EVA  S10 Conversion Video.  This is a one hour video showing the  conversion of our S-10.

•  EVA Technical Assistance.  After the sale, we still answer the phone.  We are here to help you complete your EV and to help it run reliably.   

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