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Est. 1988
EV-America. Start Here. Tech Service. EV Parts. EV Applications. Placing An Order. Corporate. EV Conversion Shops. CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR 25 YEARS!
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EVA is not the end; it is the means to serve God.

EVA will glorify God by encouraging men to be Men of God.

EVA will help others by providing affordable EVs.


             To honor and glorify God; He is our Creator, our CEO, and our Provider.

•  To encourage men to be Proverbs Men.

•  To be ethical and honest in our daily activities.

•  To seek His wisdom and ask Him to lead us daily.

•  To use our talents and gifts wisely.

•  To share our gifts and profits; giving generously to God’s work.

To serve by making Electric Vehicles affordable. Economics are the driving force for change.

•  A pricing strategy that offers the best value to our customers.

•  A marketing strategy that is directed to controlled growth by meeting reasonable         expectations.

•  A growth strategy that makes others (suppliers, conversion shops, customers and      employees) successful.

To provide components and systems that will meet the Customer’s performance in a safe and reliable manner. Exceed the Customer’s expectations!

•  Being honest and fair with customers, suppliers, employees, and others.

•  An engineering strategy that is focused on meeting the needs of the

   customer with proven technology.


Our Mission
17 DECEMBER  2012