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August / September  2010
To all:
 I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!
 In This Issue
This issue takes a look at:
  •  Emerging trends in the EV industry.
  • Troubleshooting and Tips
  • EVA Shop News
  • EVA Customer Conversions
Ask Your Help
One of our customers is Capt. Greg Heruth in the U.S. Navy (Reserves).  Capt. Heruth has been mobilized to go overseas.  So his BMW is for sell!   
 Greg Heruth BMW 
 Capt. Heruth leaves for training on September 26! He is asking $12,000 or B/O.  Let's spread the word and try to help him out.  Forward this email to other EV enthusiasts and fellow EAA members.  Thanks!  Details are at http://evamerica.com/evforsale.html 
 AC Drives & Lithium Calculations
Times are changing and so is EVA.  In August, we shipped our first AC Drive System.  The manufacturer is High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems; they use Curtis controllers!
We can also provide EV calculations for lithium battery packs.  
Let us know how we can serve you!
Bob Batson
Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.
"EVA - Customer Service is No. 1 !"
Industry Trends
More Company's Commit to EV Future 
More large companies are making a commitment to Electric Vehicles and their auxiliary systems. This trend has been apparent with the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt, but now GE and Leviton are promoting their charging stations for residential and commercial applications.  Current EVents has much information in their September Issue of Current EVents.  
 You can subscribe at www.eaaev.org   
This is smilar to the 1990s when a number of large companies became active in EVs when there were government mandates. But this time, production EVs are being developed.  As more large companies commit to providing charging stations for EVs, they will need to buy EVs to understand their nuances related to EVs. Companies will buy EVs to obtain experience because they know that EVs are the Future!  
e-Trikes & Bikes
What has changed from the 1990s is the development of Electric Motorcycles and Trikes, such as the Corbin Sparrow, Myers Motors, Aptera, Arcimoto, Brammo and others including our own VEVA Freedom.  My understanding is that demand has exceeded production for the Can Am (an ICE Trike).  Let's hope that the e-Trikes will receive the same response.from the consumer.
Orange County Choppers has done 8 electric motorcycles in recent months.  Their first motorcycle was for Siemens using a 203-06-4001A Advanced DC Motor and an ALLTrax Controller. Although EVA did not supply the motor and controller ( manufacturers donated), we did supply some of the other components.
EVA has helped a number of customers convert motorcycles, including Carl Vogel who wrote "Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle". See offer below.
Our  e-Trike  "VEVA "Freedom" is on our website.
Many of the reasons for the e-Trikes  & Bikes are:
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Fuel costs are 1-2 cents / mile
  • More aerodynamic.
  • Simplicity of Design.
  • Lower cost than a production EV.
  • Insures as a motorcyle.
 e-Trikes & Bikes have great potential.  We can help you design and build yours with Free Calculations and Quotes.  Also see " Build Your Own Motorcycle" offer below.
Stay tuned!
Want to learn more about EVs, we have:
"Gas to Electric"    $10
"Build Your Own EV"  2nd Edition  $25
"Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle"  $25
"Build Your Own PHEV"  $25
Call (603) 569-2100 or email Sales@EVAmerica.com 
Tips & Troubleshooting
General Notes
It is important with an EV to establish a database, so that if you think something new is happening, you can compare.  For example, identify speed vs amps, does the voltage drop during acceleration, how much?  How long does it take to charge the batteries?  What is the voltage at each stage of the charge cycle?  Initially, I kept a Driving Log making notes and taking data. I recommend you do something similar.
Whenever any problem occurs, take notes.  What is your speed, amps, voltage,  and terrain?   Are you accelerating, decelerating or maintaining speed?  Now compare it to the data base.  Data is important when we are trying to evaluate and identify a potential problem.
Our website has a Troubleshooting Section for anyone to use.  It addresses initial operation, ground faults, controller testing, and DC-DC Converters.  We have also developed a procedures for charger testing to establish a baseline and quarterly testing  and a procedure for finding a battery failure.  If they are not on our website, please email us at Engineering@EVAmerica.com 
We are here to serve you!
EVA Shop News
 Electric Blue, an EVA Shop in Kansas,  has successfully found a way to convert vehicles with automatic transmissions.  You can contact him directly at:
Electric Blue
Wayne Alexander
119 Main Street, Walton, KS 67151
EVA has more than 30 conversion shops across the U.S.  We are looking for more U.S. Shops as well as shops overseas.  EVA Shops can do conversions as well as sell components.  Be part of the future!
If you would like to be an EVA Shop, contact:
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In This Issue
Industry Trends
Tips & Troubleshooting
EVA Shop News
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EV Quiz - Answer
June / July 
In June /July the Question was asked:
"An EV Owner has a Bradley Kit car on a VW chassis.  He has a 96V system with a FB1-4001A motor, a 1231C-8601 controller, and 16 T-145 batteries.  The EV has plenty of range, but the acceleration and top speed seem to be limited.
What could be the problem?   How would you diagnose it?"
Answer:  "0 - 5k pot.  Defective pot or mechanically not extending full range."
Wilson Reynolds of Van Buren, AR was the winner and received 
a FREE copy of "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle" 2nd Edition". 
Congratulations Wilson!

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