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June/July 2010
Lots of things are happening!    Happy July 4th!
Our Customers have been sharing their pictures. Hope you enjoy the uniqueness of their projects.  We certainly look forward to receiving your pictures! 
  • Brandon Hollinger did 96 miles on a charge!
  • Buzz Theriault drove thru the Canadian winter - Cost 1 cent/km!
  • Tom Bailey made a great looking Trike!
  • Bob Warnke has a 12V wind charger in his grill!
Here are some of the articles in this month's newsletter.
  • VEVA "Freedom"  gets skin.  This will be the largest Reverse Trike on the market; 16 ft long.  With low cost and high mileage (80-100 miles) it is a winner!
  • As the 1st Netgain Distributor for Motors and Controllers, sales are picking up. For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any WarP Motor.  If  3 or more people buy together, we can offer even greater savings; this is a plus for EAA club members. Simply call or email EVA.
  • Our Monthly Quiz is changing from historical questions to troubleshooting ideas.  We want to solicit your troubleshooting ideas in order to share with others.
  • Proverbs Moment for those seeking wisdom; this is my passion.
July 5th will be the start of our 23rd year in the EV Business. Thanks to all of our customers who appreciate quality products at a fair price and our "Customer Service".
Bob Batson
Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.
The VEVA "FREEDOM" prototype is progressing.  An initial "skin" is being put on to keep the vehicle weatherproof.  Cloth will be added later. 
VEVA "FREEDOM"  without Skin
16 ft long x 5-1/2ft wide x 5 ft high

VEVA Freedom
VEVA "FREEDOM" with primary skin and designer and builder George Berbari of Virginia EVs.  Easy access for all people.

VEVA Freedom with Preliminary Skin
Next doors will be added as well as finishing the wiring, instrument panel, and safety features.
Remember last month, we showed the BMW "Gina" - a cloth concept vehicle.  The idea is to get people to think outside the box - to evaluate why do we build automobiles the same way we did 100 years ago.   Metal bodies, steel frames, heavy engines, four wheels.
Let's think outside the box.  Watch this.  You will be amazed.
Does this challenge conventional thinking?   about EVs?  That is what we are doing with VEVA.  Encourage risk.   Encourage imagination.  Create an idea of something different.
The "FREEDOM" will use the T-875 Trojan Battery with T2 Technology.  The T2 Technology will provide the same or greater performance (acceleration and range) with 15% more cycle life.  Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. has sold Trojan Batteries for 20 years.  We have always been pleased with their robustness and long life.  They cost more, but doesn't quality always cost more?
Some question why we are not using lithium batteries.  I have always tried to make EVs affordable.  With conversions first, then with electric boats, and now a ground up.  If we added lithium batteries, the cost would increase $10,000 putting the total over $25,000.  Simply unaffordable to most people.  Besides we want to prove that you can get 80-100 miles with good Lead Acid technology.  Someone could use lithium batteries and double the range - that is their choice. Read More on Battery Technology 
We see the reduced cost,  the lightweight vehicle, the structural design,  the simplicity of the drive system and the 80 mile range as major selling points.   Now you can have a highway EV for a little more than an NEV.  More fun per mile.
See the VEVA "Freedom" on our website.
More to come.......next month.
Last month, Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. (EVA) became the first Distributor for NetGain Motors and NetGain Controllers.  EVA required motors and controllers capable of higher voltages and currents to complement Advanced DC Motors, Curtis and ALLTrax controllers.  Two interesting projects that we developed using the NetGain Drive systems are Lootah Technical Center in Dubai and Finkl & Sons in Chicago.  Both systems will use the WarP 11HV motor.
For Lootah Technical Center, EVA is providing a 240V Drive System that will use 100A-H Thundersky Lithium Polymer Batteries.  EVA evaluated different Drive Systems (AC and DC); the NetGain Drive System offered the greatest performance for their 2 seater EV.    
For Finkl & Sons, EVA is providing a NetGain Drive System for a new 150 ton Rail vehicle.  Design speed is less than 2 mph with a 200:1 gear reduction    EVA previously provided a Drive System when Finkl converted a 150 ton rail vehicle; it has worked satisfactorily for years.
Let us size a NetGain Drive System for your application. 
Just email Sales@EVAmerica.com to get started.
EVA welcomes to our community of conversion shops:
Middletown Electric Vehicles
Pete Sullivan
Middletown, DE
(302) 985-3720
Looking for a conversion shop in your area?  Check our our map of nationwide conversion shops.
See Details 
Advertised Special!
For a limited time, EVA will ship any NetGain Motor FREE within the continental U.S.!   The WarP 9 is $1800. the Warp 11 is $2900, the WarP 11HV is $3400 -  All with FREE Shipping!
Call (603) 569-2100 or email Sales@EVAmerica.com for other
non-advertised Specials!
Hurry!  Limited Time Offer - on Coupon


VEVA "Freedom"
NetGain Motors & Controllers
New EV Conversion Shop
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Our updated Service and Components Catalog is one of the fastest ways to introduce Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. (EVA) and the quality products that we distribute. As your project develops, you will need additional information. We can fax or email Manufacturers' data sheets, drawings, and more.  

2010 Catalog PDF

Tom Bailey
Waynesboro, PA
Bob Warnke
Oxford, MI
Brandon Hollinger
Lancaster, PA
Buzz Theriault 
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

S10 Conversion
2002 F-150
 1993 Nissan Truck
 1990 Mazda Truck
For the past five months, our EV Quiz has been related to EV history.  This month we want to change to a Troubleshooting Question.
Problem:   An EV Owner has a Bradley Kit car on a VW chassis.  He has a 96V system with a FB1-4001A motor, a 1231C-8601 controller, and 16 T-145 batteries.  The EV has plenty of range, but the acceleration and top speed seem to be limited.
What could be the problem? 
How would you diagnose it?

Forward your answer to Engineering@EVAmerica.com 
with the Subject Line: "ANSWER - JUNE/JULY".

From the best answers received in 48 hours we will select the winning entry, who will receive a FREE copy of "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle" 2nd Edition". Enjoy!
Q: Athol, Massachusetts was the home of which electric car company?
Who was the founder?  
What was the name(s) of the EVs? 
A: U.S. Electricar of Athol, MA was founded by Chandler Waterman.  They built the Lectric Leopard I which could be purchased with a Renault, or Fiat chassis and the Lectric Leopard II with a VW chassis.
"When EVA was founded in 1988, I met with Chandler Waterman.  He talked about the sudden growth of his company even with older EV technology." - Bob Batson
The winner is Mr. Storm Connors who happens to be vacationing in NH this summer.  Congratulations  Storm!
There were three correct answers, so a drawing was held.
Last month, we reported that Mt Vernon High School won the stock autocross event at the EV Challenge
Using a 1200 amp Curtis controller upgraded by David Mosher of Custom Electronics.  We were wrong - they did not have the 1200 amp upgrade.  They had the performance upgrade only (~$150) that decreases the full acceleration time from 3-5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.  You can have the performance upgrade made to your Curtis controller.  Simply email David Mosher at DOMosher@MCHSI.com or call (319) 431-8094. 
Dave Sargent
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