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 Going Electric is Easy with EVA
5.  Free Assistance
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2.  Free detailed calculations for your specific application
The calculations identify the amperage, horsepower, and running time at various speeds.  EVA provides FREE detailed calculations for your specific application, whether industrial, on-road electric car or electric truck, off-road electric vehicle, electric boat, or sailboat auxiliary. Email us.
3.  Free System Design/Quote
System design ensures that your Electric Vehicle requirements are met. EVA will help you select the EV components and EV parts for your specific application.  Also, check out our Conversion Packages.
1.  Catalog, Primer
and Technical Papers
Our catalog, primer and technical papers provides you with valuable information to assist you in accessing your needs and requirements, what components are available as well as specific topics, including: safety, selecting a vehicles, the economics of an EV, and much more.  Please take time to look through these documents.  Read More
Technical Information
Technical Information
21 September 2010


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